Traveller Missions Miscellany

February 28, 2009

Along with the Traceller Fluna book that I satarted work on, I also began drafting up a missions book. This simpel supplement is designed to procide a jumpstart for GM’s, giving them a simple scenario with some ideas for expansion. Presented in the attached PDF file are the first few pages of the document, detailing the layout, introduction and part of the first section of the supplement.

Ravens Missions Miscellany (Preview) (PDF – 288K)


Character Library #003 – Burning Wheel

February 27, 2009

Another day, another character…. This time we are using The Burning Wheel ( for the character. After the previous 2 entires in the library were from old systems I thought it was about time to use something that is pretty modern and, in my mind, pretty much the cutting edge of the Indie gaming scene.

So he goes. As usual, the character is presented here and in glourious PDF format as well… after the cut.

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Unearthed Remains

February 26, 2009

Scenario time again and this time I have dug out an old adventure that I ran quite a few years ago. I’ve changed it a bit, mostly to make it simpler and more generic, but I hope that you enjoy it all the same.

Its a pretty simple raid type scenario that has been opened up for any and all systems. Two example system stats are included but id love to know if anyone uses it for something else. Anyway, its called unearthed remains, and here it is… enjoy 

Unearthed Remains (PDF File -130K)

Map Library #001

February 25, 2009

Well here is the start of another series… The Map Library.

While im not very good at art I have always loved maps, especially for RPG’s. I often attempt to draw up maps in CC2Pro or CC3 and usually get something close to what I wanted.  I have tried other programs as well, but despite all the pain and problems with it I still seem to come back to CC3.

Here is a map that took around 3 hours of work in CC3 to show the first Tavern in the Locations… book ( Pretty simple layout and fairly standard effects. See what you think.

Map#001 - Tavern1

Character Library #002 – SWD6

February 24, 2009

So here in this semi regular series is the next entry. And this one is a bit special… its my character from the latest Star Wars game that a friend of mine is running for D6 Star Wars. The only guidance he gave us prior to creating PC’s was 1 – No Jedi and 2 – Give me a good reason why you should be in an Imperial jail cell with the rest of the party…… gulp!

Again the character is presented after the cut and a downloadable pdf is attached to the post as well.

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Traveller Fauna Miscellany

February 23, 2009

For a book idea I had…. started off as 101 Fauna, and changed to Miscellany after I found out about BITS publishing doing lots of simular books over the past 10 +years… DOH!!!

A cattle like beast of burden with large horns and tough hide.

Herbivore – Plains Living (Grazer)
Size 10 (800 Kg)
  A       4       A      9      C
Defence: Teeth
AR: 4
Skills: Survival 1, Recon 0

A reptile with long legs addapted for running after small flying bugs

Carnivore – Rainforest (Chaser)
Size 2(3 Kg)
   2       7      2       D      6
Defence: Teeth
AR: 1
Skills: Athletics 2, Recon 1, Survival 0

Data Projections – Setting Design

February 22, 2009

Just a short post on Data Projections for settings. If you want to write a setting of your own, what are the important topics to cover in your write up? These are my 2 lists that I use, generally the latter, longer list just because im all about putting down as much as I can.

Short Version

  1. Geography
  2. Climate & Resources
  3. Flora & Forna
  4. Races
  5. History
  6. Religion
  7. Calendar
  8. Econmonics
  9. Law & Justice
  10. Settled Areas
  11. Areas of interest
  12. Cartography

Long Version

  1. Overview
  2. Continents
  3. Races
  4. Geography
  5. Motivations
  6. (Elements)
  7. Governance/Government
  8. Architecture
  9. Religion & Philosophy
  10. Arts & Culture
  11. Calendar
  12. Crime & Law
  13. Diet & Eating Customs
  14. Dress/Fashion
  15. Education & Profession
  16. Foreign Relations
  17. Customs
  18. Language/Gestures/Manners
  19. Magic
  20. Magic & People
  21. Medicine
  22. Historical/ Physical features
  23. Politics
  24. Population
  25. Science & Technology
  26. Social Organisation
  27. Transport & Communications
  28. War
  29. Flora & Fauna
  30. Arts & Culture
  31. Campaign Ideas
  32. Maps