The Pipeline

So whats in the pipeline for RPG Brain Dump?

This is the small list I came up with today while thinking about the resurection of the blog:

1) Skyfell – Need to get this finished, its been in progress for 10+ years now, get it done and move on
2) Traveller Addons – I was really inspired my the new MongTrav and the SRD that they released with it, started work on several addons for it and never got very far, more on this in a later post i think.
3) Fate3 – Loving Fate 3 after trying Starblazer at Dragonmeet in December ’08. Thought it would be good to convert it to a fantasy setting, possibly for Skyfell.
4) From the ground up – A world building supplement that takes on world building from a different angle, start with the small stuff and build up.
5) RPG Plugins – A series of books to plug into any system for major campaign/plot twists. So far 2 books are in rough drafts.
6) RPG Reviews – Did a few of these for IPR Magazine back in the day and enjoyed it. Seem to have a lot of games and friends always ask me about a certain game so maybe its worth getting back to writting reviews and maybe seeing if will post them?
7) Other back burner stuff – WoAdWriMo adventure needs tidying and reposting, characters and adventures for various RPS’s, all my SG-1 stuff… the list could be endless.

Im sure this list will expand over time on top of all that, but its a start.

– RavenPolar

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