Dark Heresy – Acolytes handbook

Another thing that has been a part of my current game is the Acolytes handbook. This is a derived work from the original by Alastair McGowan at darkreign40k.com and is basically a parallel career that advances as your own career moves forward. The difference is that this career is your path through the ranks of the Inqusition and those in power as opposed to movement within your own predefined career or Scum, Guard, Psyker or whatever else.

While I loved what Alastair had done with his Acolytes Handbook, I wanted to make some fundamental changes, mainly around the ranks and the introduction of an alternate path for those who do not become Inqusitors, The Inquisitors Right Hand. Basically this allows me to keep the party together when one of them becomes an Inquisitor and they can still work together on a day to day basis. Having a party of Inquisitors just makes for headaches….

acolytes-handbook.pdf (PDF – 193K)


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