SkyFell – Overview

The world of Skyfell was a world of many different species existing on their own continents, happy with their lives and slowly evolving. That is until 8 months ago.

In the final months of the last year, 1478 by the Deltrib calander, the world was struck with a massive force by something falling from the sky into the largest ocean located between the four continents. The four dominent races of the world all saw and felt the impact and each has recorded the event in their own way. Many have seen this as the start of a new age for their prespective races, some see it as the beginning of the end, others say it is the return of other beings, gods or aliens..

All of these races ventured across the ocean now in search of what and how this event occured and as yet the people back in their homelands have yet to recieve concrete news of what has occured.

Some have been told of a new and wonderious place filled with gold, silver and gems, enough to buy half of the world.

Others have heard of a deadly place fit for no living creature, full of strange and hostile beings spawned from the fussion of the SkyFall and the depths of the ocean.

Most however have heard of the way in which a person changes while on the new landscape. The magical abilities that they suddenly manifest, the way in which they can feel the very elements seeping into their bones and fueling them with the abilities of Gods. Stories of massive abilities abound, throwing fire from bare hands, streams of lightning from the eyes, hurricanes brought fourth from the months of mere men and the forming of the minds eye into reality.

Know one knows which of these reports are true and which have been embelished, but one thing is certain, every one of the four races has been affected by the SkyFall. For good or bad is yet to be decided.


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