Character Library #003 – Burning Wheel

Another day, another character…. This time we are using The Burning Wheel ( for the character. After the previous 2 entires in the library were from old systems I thought it was about time to use something that is pretty modern and, in my mind, pretty much the cutting edge of the Indie gaming scene.

So he goes. As usual, the character is presented here and in glourious PDF format as well… after the cut.

cl003 – BW -douglas  (PDF File – 1.5Mb)

Name: Douglas
Concept/Bio: First mate
Lifepaths: Son of a Gun, Sailor, Bosun, First Mate, First Mate
Age : 30
Stats: Wi: B5, Pe: B4, Po: B4, Fo: B5, Ag: B2, Sp: B4, Speed Mult.: x3.5
Attributes: Ref: B3, Ste: B4, Hes: 5, Hea: B5, MW: B10, Circles: B2, Resources: B1
PTGS: Su: B3  Li: B6  Mi: B7  Se: B8  Tr: B9  Mo: B10
  Work Hard, Play fair
  “The sea always provides”
  “If in doubt, weigh anchor”
  Obey the Captain
  Keep the sails in good order
  Always keep one eye on the crew
Traits: Sea Legs, Sailors Oath, Mean, Meticulous, Obedient
Skills: Brawling B2, Command B2, Conspicuous B2, Gambling B2, Intimidation B3, Knots B2, Rigging B2, Sailor-Wise B4, Sea-Wise B3, Seaman-Wise B3, Seamanship B3, Sword B4
Affiliations: 1D Sea Eagle Crew
Reputations: 1D First Mate of the Sea Eagle
Relationships: Captain of the Esperanza (Significant, hateful/rival)
Gear: Sea Chest
Property: None
Bare Fisted I:B2 M:B4 S:B6 Add 2 VA – Fast Shortest
Sword I:B3 M:B7 S:B10 Add 2 VA – Slow Long May Great Strike
Dirk I:B2 M:B5 S:B7 Add 1 VA – Fast Shortest


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