Character Library #012 – 3E D&D

March 31, 2009

Time for the grandaddy of RPG’s to wade in on the Character Library, D&D. this is a simple 3.5Edition D20 paladin character. Not much to tell here other than the fact that the character sheet came from the Mad Irishmans website, seriously worth checking this site out for character sheets if you ever need them.

CL012 Kalroth – D20 D&D (PDF – 372Kb)


Not just maps….

March 30, 2009

Looking through its not just maps that you can make in Photoshop for your game….. (Done by following a tutorial at and its so going to be used in my Traveller game!)


Creating Parchment

March 29, 2009

I never realised how powerful Photoshop was until I started playing around with a few tutorials. As you have seen from the Map Library files, with a bit of patience and some tutorials, even a person with no artistic talent (i.e. me) can produce some great looking maps. Following on from the maps I have made recently, I have begun looking at what else PS can do. I have tried to make a few parchment samples recently and below are some of the results. See what you think.

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Character Library #011 – Runequest

March 28, 2009

Runequest is an old staple that never seems to go out of fashion. Its been around for quite a while and the current Mongoose version is something that our group has only just picked up on. (To be honest we were to busy playing Shadowrun to worry about it). Anyway, its about time we did a character for it.

Tarath is the middle son of a town merchant, rather a poor one at that. So with no birthright from his father he signed up to the local city guard and slaved away protecting the innocent, fighting criminals and parading around in ceremonial dress. He soon got bored of that. So now he is an ex-city guard… waiting for something to come along and spark new a interest for him.

CL011 – Tarath – RQ (PDF – 257Kb)

“So your in the local tavern….”

March 27, 2009

A lot of RPG scenarios start with the old faithful line of “Your in a tavern, and you notice a stranger in the corner…”. All in all its a bit repetitive and boring so why not  throw the PC’s a curve ball?

“So your at the local tavern….”

  • “… and its the local harvest festival. The place is packed with jovial, drunk peasents all trying to drink as much as possible.”
  • “… and its the local talent contest. Hows your singing?”
  • “… and its friday night, which means its the night of drunk louts all fighting and wenching.”
  • “… and its the local council meeting. Everyone from the village is here and the elders are seated at the top table.”
  • “… and the place is empty. Seems a local sickness means everyone is at home nursing a case of the flu.”
  • “… and the barmaid is taking a shine to you. Shame she’s the owners daughter.”
  • “‘… and its closed. The big sign with a skull and cross-bones nailed to the door kind of gives it away.”

Mix it up a bit. Don’t have a Strider/Mr Johnson/Mysterious Stranger waiting for them. Have them work a bit to get their next job. It makes it more enjoyable and for better roleplaying experiances if you don’t hand everything to them on a plate.

Map Library #006

March 26, 2009

About time for another map… its been a week since the last one so here is something that ive been working on, kind of a work in progress. Again this was done following the tutorials at

This one in particular is following the excellent tutorials by Pyandon. Its not finished yet and im still not sure on several elements, especially the forests which is made using a pattern fill from a photo of trees, just not quite looking how I want it yet and it kinda jars with the rest of the picture. The city buildings were done using elements from Pryandon’s tutorial and that of Gullside by AidyBaby. I did try to follow Aidybaby’s tutorial at first but had issues with the buildings when applying colour masks to the buildings. Still trying to fix that one.  Anyway, here is the map, see what you think.

Pryandon City

Pryandon City


Instant games

March 25, 2009

Thanks to the free RPG blog ( I just found the Instant Game by Animalball Games. If your stuck for a setting for your next game you should really take a look at this. And best of all its free! – Animalball Games Website (Look for Instant Game) – Review by FreeRPGBlog