Character Library #004 – Traveller

As recent Character Library entires have been for old systems and because of the spate of Trveller postings, here is a starting character for Mongoose’s Traveller.

Jarvis is a merchant marine, who has had a spate of bad luck recently. After drafting into the Marines, he left for the pleasure of a private merchant ship as a guard and found that life was a little boring on board. Protecting cattle and boxes is not the exciting life he expected. After a little bit a of legal trouble involving him trying to import something on the side without permits he is now cast adrift again. With no idea of what to do next, he is stuck on a planet with little to show for his life so far. At least he can bunk in comfort with the local TAS accomadation.

cl004-jarvis-kenthorpe-trav (PDF – 151K)


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