Every good book needs…..

As the title says, every good RPG book, no matter if its a core rulebook or supplement, needs to include several things to be user friendly. Without certain items in a book, it makes life difficult for the reader and that is a boundry to getting people reading and playing your games

  1. Indexes……. a good, full index.  Without it your book is useless at the game table for reference.
  2. Table of Contents….. full and concise. Let the reader know what to expect, make them salivate over what is to come.
  3. Adventure seeds….. give the GM’s something to get them started, give them some enthusiasm.
  4. Clean, easy to copy character sheet….. Next to a core rulebook, this is the most essential item for the players. Make it clean to allow for better copying.
  5. Summary of CharGen…… Make the users life easy, dont try and make simple tasks difficult.
  6. Stat level meanings…. “STR 2 means you can lift a house”, etc. Give them a basis on which to build.
  7. Rule examples…… See point 5. Make sure they understand what you mean in the rules.

Those are my main concerns whenever I see a new book. Without them it just seems that the game is making itself more difficult to understand or play. Make life easier for the reader and your game is more likely to be played, enjoyed and hopefully bought by others.




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