Reviews – Intro

In one of my opening posts I put a list of things that would be in the pipeline. One of those was reviews. Now I’ve held off from doing these for a couple of reasons but the main one being that im not sure if people want to see another set of reviews from an average joe. I mean why care what someone else thinks of a game??

Now however, as per usual for me and this blog, ive had another idea or thought about the subject. People want to get as much info on a prospective purchase to ensure that they spend their money wisely, especially in the  current economic climate. On top of that people (me included) want to know if a game lives up to the hype that surrounds it,
and the more an item is reviewed the more chance a person has of getting a well rounded, clearer and unbiased picture.

An example. Joe wants to buy the new, super-mega, glossy Man & War RPG (Don’t look for it, I just made that up).
Option #1
Joe reads how great it is on the publishers website and thinks, it sounds cool and the art looks good.
If Joe buys it now, and its not the greatest thing since sliced bread, then Joe is put off buying from that publisher again and is put off buying stuff from other publishers for a while. Once burned, twice shy and all that.

Option #2
After reading the publisher blurb, Jow checks out a review. The review slates the game with a massive rant on how rubbish it is.
If Joe saves his money, but a friend buys it and Joe finds out that it is actually what he was looking for, he is put off reading reviews and ends up next time following option #1… not a good thing as we have already seen.

Option #3
Joe reads a stack of reviews…Some good, some bad.
Joe gets a more rounded opinion of what the game is, what the system is like, how it plays and hopefully if this is the game for him.

So there we go. To ensure that Joe is well informed, we as an RPG community need to make sure that games get reviews or are at least talked about in forums. Without that Publishers spin may fall flat and not sell great games or they may sell something that they wrote on a really bad day at the office and is not worth buying.

I guess want Im alluding too here is that this is the internet and its full of information. Adding to the information is a good thing. Praising something good is a great thing, and warning (note – NOT ranting or slating) of a bad thing is also good. If people have enough information they can make their own informed choice, no information means a punt in the dark.

Look for reviews to start showing up here in the next week…..


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