Printing RPG’s by POD

After designing your RPG how do you get printed copies to sell to the masses? Well the current trends in the RPG market for small companies usually revolve around POD (thats Print On Demand) services. POD basically means that you have a printer print only as many books as you need at a time from 1 to say 500 books at a go. The printing costs per book are higher than with a traditional printer but the lower print runs means that you have no initial outlay that could cost thousands of pounds.

Essentially with POD you still need to spend the time going over the layout and design of your finished book as a PDF file, probably more so than usual as most POD companies charge for them to proof read and correct submitted files. That done, submission should be pretty straight forward. As with everything in the RPG industry, its best to get as much advice as possible. Check out other indie RPG’s that have been POD printed, check out the links below, surf some blogs… you can never be too informed before you start spending your own money.

A couple of useful links for those interested in POD publishing… – the publishing forum at The Forge, best indie RPG site there is. – The “about the industry” sub forum at, great resource for anyone who loves RPG’s – What was the POD publisher of choice. Now due to issues with excessive shipping costs, probably not an option anymore. –, a possible replacement to Lulu.


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