Character Library #008 – Shadowrun

Another character for the library. This one is a bit special though. On Sunday, during our weekly Star Wars D6 game, a friend decided that during some downtime he was going to create a Shadowrun 4.0 character. Whats special about it is that this guy is the GM for our Shadowrun game so im not sure if this is a character that we will see played or come across in the game when it restarts (After the SW-D6 game).

I’ve basically put all his notes on a character sheet and added the relevant notes where possible other than that its all his work…. (Thanks Nath!)

CL008 – Drev – SR4.0 (PDF file – 377Kb)


One Response to Character Library #008 – Shadowrun

  1. hazred says:

    I have been long thinking of starting actually playing Shadowrun. I’m enjoying the novels a lot. So thank you very much for your blog, gives me inspiration 🙂

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