Prison Break

Our weekend game is a D6 Star Wars game where we started off in an imperial prison block and managed to escape in the first session due to a riot that was organised by the rebellion. After this weeks session we discussed the fact that a game could be centred around a period of imprisonment, rather than just the breakout aspect. It sparked quite a few ideas, so I thought that it might be worthwhile to record some of them for later, just in case. Note that while these were thought of after a Star Wars game, there is nothing to say that they should be Sci-Fi or any other specific setting. D&D or Call of Cthulhu could work just as well as anything else.

  • Prison Life, day to day, is pretty boring. However, relationships with other PC’s and NPC’s (guards, other inmates, warden, etc) could be interesting. Think Shawshank Redemption
  • A longer version of the breakout scenario where PC’s must find out the weaknesses in defenses and plan the breakout without any outside help. On top of that, they have to gather resources or jury-rig items to help them escape. Think Escape from Alcataz
  • Intenional imprisonment in order to find and breakout a friend, relative or confident. What tools can you bring in with you and how do you get them past the guards? How do you find 1 person in a prison of 1000? Think Prison Break.
  • Unconventional prisions and breakouts like on a small island full of prisoners . Who to trust and befriend? How to get off the island? Think No Escape/Lost.
  • Criminal connections with other prisoners. Prison Gangs and affiliations. Who are the movers and shakers? Who can get you what you need? Who to trust? Think just about any prison movie covers these scenarios quite well.

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