Bravyet Overview.

An outline from the design bible for Skyfell. Bravyet is the homeland for the Deltrib who are the closest to Humans on Skyfell.
Land of Bravyet – An Overview

Year Established: Circa -1200 AC.
Ruler: Bravyet City Council and other Landed owners.
Ruler’s Titles: Council member.
Capital: Bravyet.
Population: Approx 1,750,000.
Government Type: Democracy.
Government Stability: Stable.
Climate: Stable climate that ranges from a cold northern border to warmer, wind swept plains to the south.
Languages: Deltrib, Plainar.
Currency: Brav(Silver) and D’Brav(Gold).
Technology Level: Late Middle Ages equivalent.
Wealth: Comfortable for the majority of people with extremes at both ends of the scale being quite rare
Allies & Alliances: Minearch is a minor ally, but the Deltrib hope to build upon that relationship.
Enemies & Rivals: Solace.
Demographics: Deltib : 97% (High Deltirb 62%, Plainar Deltrib 38%); Others :3%
National Colors: Yellow horizontally bisected triangle
Natural Resources and Manufactured Goods: Lumber, Iron, Gold, Fish, Wheat, Horses, Ale, Sheep, Cattle, Shellfish, and Barley.
Primary Religion: Moon Goddess and Sun God / Four Gods of the Wind and Horse God.
Terrain: Vast plains to the south that are home to the Plainar and their horses, hills and mountains to the north with a much more structured lifestyle of the Deltrib and their towns and cities .
Flora & Fauna: Plants on the Deltrib continent vary from north to south and the rugged hills and eventual mountains of the far north give way to the wide open rolling plains of the south. In the north rugged plants and trees withstand the harsh winds and fridged winters, while the south is much more gentle in its climate changes and as such promotes a more varied range of trees and grasses that scatter the plains. Animals in both areas tend to be variations on each other, for example in the south the gidson is a plains walking herd creature that has a short light brown hide, in the north their exists the rigdodon, a mountain climbing herd creature much like the gidson but with a leaner frame and a shaggy long coat over its hide.

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