Bravyet the city


Location : West-North-West coast of the Deltrib homeland
Year Founded : Founded Year 0 by Duke Yadav I (1479 years old).
Ruler : Bravyet City Council
Population / Demographics : 52,000 (99%+ Deltrib, >1% Others)
Government Type : Democratic council, voted in by the local populace every 5 years.
Languages : Deltib
City Colors : Yellow banner, Red chevron with horizontal bisected triangle in black
Natural Resources and Manufactured Goods : Trade goods, fish, shellfish, timber, grain
Allies : All members of the Deltib race
Enemies : Solace tribes who migrate across the ice flows to the north
Fortifications : Walled city
Tech Level : Late Middle Ages equivalent
Primary Religion : Predominant religions are that of the Mood Goddess and Sun God.
Other Religions : Others religions are permitted, but tend to have very small followings, such as the Plainar religions of the Wind Gods and Horse God
Climate : Sub-Temperate, Climate tends to be cold winters with mild summers
Terrain : Coastal to West, rivers to East, plains to South, forest to North.

Description :

Bravyet, the first city of the Deltib is a large, walled coastal hub of trade routes throughout the Deltib homeland. It has the most population, by quite a long way, of any settlement in the world. The inhabitants cover the vast spectrum of Deltib life ranging from rich to poor, old to young and conservative to progressive. This populace inhabits the many wards of the city that are quite heavily defined between the internal roads of the city, and bisected by the river that flows through the middle of the city.Bravyet holds one of the few Deltrib libraries within its city walls and also a university to try and progress the knowledge of its populace. Of course these are seldom used by any other than the scholars and possibly the rich so the common man and the merchant remain largely ignorant of its benefits. The person responsible for these institutions is the Bastion of Education for Bravyet, who answers to the Council.

Government and Public Establishments :

The local governing body was originally put in place in 979AC after the revolts of 930AC and 979AC. The council is held responsible to the populace at all times and most of the council members remember this and the overthrow of the corrupt council in 979AC. Eventually any council member could end up back on the street with the rest of the populace so it’s a good idea not to be too ambitious. The council tries to ensure fair taxation for everyone in the city and this is helped by the large amount of trade that goes on here as this produces a rather large revenue stream for the council to fall back on.

 Law and Order :Law is maintained by the local City Guard, a veritable small army of well trained and equipped troops who remain the guardians of the city at all times. To be a city Guard is a position of respect and any man who is signs up and is accepted is known as a man of courage, honour and stability. In times of trouble the City Guard can call upon the small army detachment stationed at the Bravyet barracks within the city’s walls.

Laws are defined by the council and are reviewed as deemed necessary by the council. This sometimes leads to a long and winded process and obsolete laws still being enforceable, but the City Guard are known to be a sensible bunch who are well aware of the delays in the change of law and statute.

 Religious Centers :The city currently holds two major temple one for the Moon Goddess and Sun God and one that houses 4 smaller temples, one to each of the 4 Gods of the Winds. The whole of the religious quarter is dominated by the Moon and Sun temple structure and most everyone there is affiliated with one of the 4 temples in some way.

At present no other temples to other gods exist, but there is no restriction that prevents such a temple being built. The only reason that one doesn’t currently exist is that the populace is mainly devoted to the Gods already provided for in the two existing temples.

 Unique City Features : The Council chambers.At the heart of the city between the wards in a small ward of its own is the Council chambers building. This 8 sided structure is rather imposing and has been around for almost 700 years. It is home to the local council and also is used as a high court for any major trials that have needed to take place in the 1500 years of Bravyet’s existence.
 Important People :The members of the Council, The Captain of the City Guard, The City Guard, The Captain of the Army, Head of the Merchants Guild, Arch-Prelate of the Temple of the Sun and Moon, Arch-Prelate of the Temple of the 4 Winds, the Bastion of Education for Bravyet.
 Shops, Guilds, and Organizations :Shopping in Bravyet is limited only by the depth of the purse. Almost anything is available in Bravyet if you are willing to look for it. The Merchants Guild ensure that the goods always flow into and out of Bravyet as smoothly as possible and the Council wants to keep it this way to maintain the constant influx of sales tax.

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