“So your in the local tavern….”

A lot of RPG scenarios start with the old faithful line of “Your in a tavern, and you notice a stranger in the corner…”. All in all its a bit repetitive and boring so why not  throw the PC’s a curve ball?

“So your at the local tavern….”

  • “… and its the local harvest festival. The place is packed with jovial, drunk peasents all trying to drink as much as possible.”
  • “… and its the local talent contest. Hows your singing?”
  • “… and its friday night, which means its the night of drunk louts all fighting and wenching.”
  • “… and its the local council meeting. Everyone from the village is here and the elders are seated at the top table.”
  • “… and the place is empty. Seems a local sickness means everyone is at home nursing a case of the flu.”
  • “… and the barmaid is taking a shine to you. Shame she’s the owners daughter.”
  • “‘… and its closed. The big sign with a skull and cross-bones nailed to the door kind of gives it away.”

Mix it up a bit. Don’t have a Strider/Mr Johnson/Mysterious Stranger waiting for them. Have them work a bit to get their next job. It makes it more enjoyable and for better roleplaying experiances if you don’t hand everything to them on a plate.


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