Big badda boom…

Here’s something a little different.

As part of my ongoing Wednesday night Dark Heresy game, one of the PC’s made friends with a noble who has significant interests in Gunmetal City. As part of their friendship, said noble presented a prototype firearm to the PC with a request that he try it out (to get feedback), show it off (to get others interested) and potentially find other backers for when the firearm goes into production.

The firearm fires a .75 round which is a special mixed hydraulic alloy. When the round hits a living target, once inside the body the alloy reacts to warm fluids (such as blood) and liquifies for a period of time. Basically when entering a body it turns from a solid slug to a splatter effect star burst within the body, ripping internal organs, shredding muscle and producing immense pain, shock and blood loss to anyone who is not already dead.

A couple of issues still stand with the prototype. The recoil and heat generated by the round is such that the pistol has a low rate of fire before it will overheat. Secondly it has a very low penetration, so is bad against armoured targets and nearly useless against cyberlimbs and tech-priests. One other thing is that it is extortionately expensive currently being a prototype, the rounds alone have a huge cost and will not be available to anyone with contacts with a certain factory in Gunmetal City

Prototype #467XBC (Aka Big Badda Boom)

















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