Mapping – An update

So the Map Library has been a little short this week, why? Because of CC3. Campaign Cartographer 3 was to be the main thrust of my next few maps on the site, but it seems that there is a little problem with CC3 and Vista. Everytime I try to use CC3 on a Vista machine it just crashes as soon as you touch it.

Now I know that Vista is not everyones cup of tea, and its got a pretty bad rep and is bloated beyond all compare….. however, after, what?, 2 or more years, Pro Fantasy still cannot get their flagship product working correctly on the latest version of Windows??!!??

On the plus side, the tech support were pretty helpful at Pro Fantasy, they are just unable to provide a fix at the moment and it all seems to have gone very quiet from their end.

Think i’ll stick to Photoshop from now on. Yeah, its a steep learning curve (but so is CC3), its overpowered for what I want to do (better than underpowered) and its a bit bloated, but at least it works and I can do anything with it.

Ok, rant over… more cool stuff tomorrow… promise!


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