Back in the Kitchen…

So i’ve had a few days off from the blog and have been thinking on what I should do now that my original dreams were crushed. This is what I have come up with…

  1. Cover more development of things I have going currently, in more depth.
  2. Post more adventures/scenarios, both system specific and generic
  3. Cut down on “tiny idea posts”, those taht are a few lines of an idea. Flesh them out a bit, then post as per point 1.
  4. Quality, not quantity! Less posts, more substance.
  5. More reviews, and post them to as well (already in progress!)

Thats the basic “jist” of what im going to be looking at here in the coming weeks, but I will stick to my old ideals about providing ideas and content that is not another comment on “this-weeks-hot-topic” i.e who’s passed on or which company is making a stink in the marketplace. There are other blogs that do that, lots of them.


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