Naming games – Traveller Edition

Following from yesterdays post, im currently designing a supplement for Mongoose Traveller  ( thanks mainly to their SRD and open licence for the game. That inspiration and encouragement got me started when the game first came out last year. However despite the early posts on this blog I never progressed far enough that I even considered actually getting to the point of publishing it. Well the time has come to throw off that uncertainty. The license application has been posted and the development continues apace. So now what to call the thing.

Well initial decisions and ideas led me up the path of calling the series 101 items, i.e 101 NPC’s, 101 Widgets, 101 guys called Fred…. So it was kind of depressing to find out that BITS ( already use this series of names for their books. Something I had conveniently forgotten somehow. Also this would give a restriction on the fact I would have to include 101 items in each book, no more, no less. Bad idea from the off.

Next up was RavenPolars Miscellany. RavenPolar being the user ID I use on a lot of RPG forums and Miscellany after the series of books that have become popular recently where the book is full of lots of useless facts. Two problems with this is that pretty much no-one knows RavenPolar so unless I want a big uphill struggle to get name recognition its a bad thing. Secondly as I said there are a series of books called the Miscellany’s and they are real world books, not PDF’s. Also they cover huge areas, not specific sects of information, which is what I want my series to cover.

So next up on the plate is Encyclopedia X, where X is NPC’s, Widgets or Fred. Good idea, bit messy due to the fact that Mongoose themselves produce a series for 3.5E D&D and 4E called Encyclopedia. Not a good idea to rip off the name of a series from the publisher of the SRD. But Encyclopedia is a good starting point….  almanac, book of knowledge, compilation, concordance, cyclopedia…. some good alternatives just from a thesaurus.

So my current line of thinking is “The X Concordance”. For me Concordance just sounds like a Traveller RPG word. The definition is a bit off from what I want to cover in each book in the series but unless the readers know this I don’t think it will be as much of an issue as it could be if I used one of the other names I thought of previously. Now its just a matter of deciding if I want to, or indeed if I can, include the word Traveller in the name.

“The Traveller Fauna Concordance” & “The Traveller Missions Concordance”….. both have a nice ring to them I think.


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