Art for arts sake?

What is it with artwork in RPG’s? Surely the whole point of an RPG is that it is designed to allow peoples imagination to fill a whole world with flights of fancy. How you image the world is how it should be seen and not some other person interpretation of it.

Artwork in any RPG book is the most expensive part of the endevour both in cold, hard cash and page real estate. Cost for artwork for a game can range from $25 for a small line drawing to over $1000 for a cover piece. The cover piece I can understand as I dicussed before, this is one of the things that helps to sell the book off the shelf. But with the price of books being a big issue for some, surely the cost savings of using less or no art is rather tempting.

Think about the latest Jackie Collins or Dan Brown… no artwork there apart from the cover, and last I knew good old Dan was busy basking in the glow of his mega fortunes. Compare this to RPG’s and every book released awash with art and is tight on profit margins. So what is the answer? Cheaper art? Less art? No art?…. might be worth an experimental PDF or two here just to test the waters.


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