Reviews #004 – Alpha Omega

June 7, 2009


There has been a lot of buzz around Alpha Omega by Mindstorm Labs, what with people talking about the setting, the book itself and the system. Usually comments of amazing, beautiful and complex respectively. A new game from a new publisher has to do well to break into the rpg fraternities hearts and minds and from the discussions carrying on it looks like Alpha Omega has managed it with top marks.

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Map Library #007

June 6, 2009

Been very busy lately what with playtesting 3 books, designing a boardgame and writing 2 supplements but here is something that has been drafted up this week. After the 4th Edition D&D sessions the group decided to try out the new Starblazer Adventures game from Cubicle7. I have to say that I think this is rapidly becoming my favourite game at the moment, mainly due to the great rule set that is derived from Fate. I’ll do a review in the not to distant future but for now here is a collaborative system map that was designed by the group this week.

Starblazer setting

Starblazer setting