Character Library 015 – Game of Thrones D20

April 30, 2009

Back by popular demand, the Character Library is reborn with a new slant. As a lot of people, im a fan of the Song of Ice and Fire(SoIF) series by George R.R Martin. With this in mind and the release of the new RPG based upon the series I thought it would be fun to create a character in both the old RPG and the new RPG and compare them. Here is the character for the old system, Game of Thrones release by Guardians of the Order just before they went out of business. It was a real shame that they did as the game is quite promising. The only criticism i have of it is that they based it on the D20 system which I don’t think is a good fit for SoIF due to the nature of levels, feats, etc, etc. However they did make it work quite well and fair play to them it is a good quality product. So here is the first incarnation of Sir Oberon with a followup in the new system next week (hopefully).

Sir Oberon is a young noble of the House Martell, related to the current heir Princess Arianne as a distant cousin. In his formative years he spent much time in study and has shown himself to be a quick learner and a dedicated potential ruler. Everything he does is accompanied by a wry grin and his charismatic charm is infectious. Sir Oberon has already been earmarked for greatness by his teachers and now just needs to warrant their opinions with the nobles of House Martell. At least that way he might get a nice boost in influence and a quiet manor house in the country to rule over.

CL015 -Sir Oberon – Game of Thrones (D20) (PDF – 536Kb)


Character Library #015 – Savage Worlds EX

April 13, 2009

Back to the character library and this time a contribution from a friend of mine from our Sunday gaming group. I know very little about this character other than he is called Shane and designed for Savage Worlds. Make up your own background I guess…

CL015 – Shane – SWEX (PDF – 1.6Mb)

Character Library #014 – Maid

April 7, 2009

Another day, another character. This time its for the Maid RPG. For those not in the know this is the first Japanesse RPG to be translated to english and has caused a bit of a stir over on Those that have read it think its a slapstick comedy for one off games (think Paranoia), whereas those who have not read it immediately jump to all the wrong conclusions. Its a fun, quirkey game that never takes itself too seriously and should be played very tongue in check. Check it out if your at all interested at

CL014 – H11-2B – Maid RPG (PDF – 664Kb)

Character Library #013 – Mouse Guard

April 3, 2009

Time for the second of this weeks characters. this time its for the new Mouse Guard RPG (review to follow shortly).

Harold is a Patrol leader, elevated to the position after a battle during the Weasel wars of 1149. He takes his responsiblity seriously and tries to protect those in his care, even if it means adding to his scars.

CL013 – Harold – Mouse Guard (PDF – 1.2Mb)

Character Library #012 – 3E D&D

March 31, 2009

Time for the grandaddy of RPG’s to wade in on the Character Library, D&D. this is a simple 3.5Edition D20 paladin character. Not much to tell here other than the fact that the character sheet came from the Mad Irishmans website, seriously worth checking this site out for character sheets if you ever need them.

CL012 Kalroth – D20 D&D (PDF – 372Kb)

Character Library #011 – Runequest

March 28, 2009

Runequest is an old staple that never seems to go out of fashion. Its been around for quite a while and the current Mongoose version is something that our group has only just picked up on. (To be honest we were to busy playing Shadowrun to worry about it). Anyway, its about time we did a character for it.

Tarath is the middle son of a town merchant, rather a poor one at that. So with no birthright from his father he signed up to the local city guard and slaved away protecting the innocent, fighting criminals and parading around in ceremonial dress. He soon got bored of that. So now he is an ex-city guard… waiting for something to come along and spark new a interest for him.

CL011 – Tarath – RQ (PDF – 257Kb)

Character Library #010 – Serenity RPG

March 24, 2009

He’s another addition to the character library, Dr Lindsey Simmons for the Serenity RPG.

Dr Simmons was an NPC in my own short lived Serenity game, one that I hope to get back to one day. He is basically a good guy but tends to be rather quiet and private. His medical skills are top notch however, and basically earns him a flight whenever he feels the need to move on. Currently shipping out on the “Alexa”, a small freighter flying around the border worlds, Dr Simmons may be available for a quick patch up if needs be.

CL010 – Dr Lindsey Simmons – Serenity (Pdf file – 115Kb)