Big badda boom…

April 2, 2009

Here’s something a little different.

As part of my ongoing Wednesday night Dark Heresy game, one of the PC’s made friends with a noble who has significant interests in Gunmetal City. As part of their friendship, said noble presented a prototype firearm to the PC with a request that he try it out (to get feedback), show it off (to get others interested) and potentially find other backers for when the firearm goes into production.

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Review #002 – Dark Heresy by Fantasy Flight Games

March 20, 2009

After the review of Mongoose Publishing’s Traveller, its seems only fitting that we move to another RPG that has been covered on the site and one that deals with another sci-fi setting…. Dark Heresy by Fantasy Flight games



Dark Heresy is the game set in Games Workshops Warhammer 40K universe. It’s essentially the game that roleplayer’s have been asking after for the last 25 years since GW released the tabletop miniatures game.



40K has always been a bit different to other Sci-Fi in that it portrays a very chaotic, dark universe where bad things happen as a matter of course. Technology is not that advanced, no beaming from place to place here. The setting is filled with weird aliens that, pretty much, all hate humanity; weird humans that call forth strange beings from another dimension and other people who are just plain weird.

This is a pretty dark setting to put PC’s into, but it works. It’s mainly a story of the struggle of the PC’s against the overwhelming tide of corruption, insanity and dark places and the stories and adventures in Dark Heresy convey this pretty well.

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Character Library #006 – Dark Heresy

March 10, 2009

Another character for the library. This time we are looking at Dark Heresy, the Warhammer 40K RPG. This is the game im currently running at the local RPG club every week. Although the party is quite small they seem to enjoying the setting and are really getting into the game.

If DH interests you at all, check out the supplements in the earlier posts as the could well be useful for your game or at least strike some inspiation.

CL006 – Kramus Block – Dark Heresy (PDF – 735Kb)

Dark Heresy – Acolytes handbook

February 17, 2009

Another thing that has been a part of my current game is the Acolytes handbook. This is a derived work from the original by Alastair McGowan at and is basically a parallel career that advances as your own career moves forward. The difference is that this career is your path through the ranks of the Inqusition and those in power as opposed to movement within your own predefined career or Scum, Guard, Psyker or whatever else.

While I loved what Alastair had done with his Acolytes Handbook, I wanted to make some fundamental changes, mainly around the ranks and the introduction of an alternate path for those who do not become Inqusitors, The Inquisitors Right Hand. Basically this allows me to keep the party together when one of them becomes an Inquisitor and they can still work together on a day to day basis. Having a party of Inquisitors just makes for headaches….

acolytes-handbook.pdf (PDF – 193K)

Dark Heresy – Templar Marus

February 16, 2009

One of the current games im involved in, indeed the game that I am running, is Dark Heresy, the Warhammer 40K RPG.

One of the players asked for a new level 4 career for his Psyker last week based upon the Templar alternate background in the Inquisitors handbook. The jist being that the Templar in the book is a melee combat god and he wanted to alter the career to be about guns. Think Matrix and Equilibrium. So here is what I came up with.. Templar Marus…

templar-marus.pdf (PDF – 147K)