Not just maps….

March 30, 2009

Looking through its not just maps that you can make in Photoshop for your game….. (Done by following a tutorial at and its so going to be used in my Traveller game!)



Location, Location, Location

February 21, 2009

Locations – A book of taverns, hotels and stopover locations, to be expanded into a series of books, each covering one type of location
– Details of 30+ locations for character to stay, meet and blow up
– Descriptions of the background of each location
– Details of the owners, patrons and environs of each location
– Maps of each location

The Brawl

 This quaint little tavern has been open for a mere week and is the latest themed watering hole in the area. The bright idea of the grizzed verteran soldier who won the tavern in a card game, the establishment now resembles a battleground. The walls are addorned with sharp weapons bolted in place, the floor is coverd in fake body blood stains and the furnishings are all missing chuncks from their wooden frames, broken chairs are also piled next to the fire to feed the flames. Even the table staff are decked out in veteran clothing with blood stains, and a few bandages here and there, and for an extra coin or two the barmaids will tend to your (imaginary) wounds and battle fatigue.The local elite find all this pretend carnage to be charming and cute, the local workers (those that can afford it) turn a blind eye and continue to sup on the watered down expensive ale. Since its opening last week, the tavern has been a major hit and people seem to be lapping up the atmosphere. How long this will continue is not a question that can be easily answered. The elite may grow tired of it and the workers will find cheaper and better ale elsewhere soon. Until that time comes, just enjoy the atmosphere.

The Brawl is just this side of a rough area, not close enough to be consider in a slum but not in an upmarket area for certain. The surroundings are the usual fare of workshops and stores with the local market being fairly close by.
The Brawl opened last week to little fanfare despite the new owner, Kram Vergeside, advertising it quite heavily. After two days however the buzz in the local market place got to the ears of the upper classes and they descended upon it in droves. Being succurs for something very different and very new they love the whole idea of the place and its now seen as the place to be seen, at least this month anyway.

Kram Vergeside  An ex-soldier from a few minor wars in nearby lands Kram retired to the area last year with hopes of settling down to a quiet life. After falling foul of the bottle and gambling Kram was on his last stretch when he entered a card game at the Goose and Hound, a run down tavern in a good location, but with poor management. It was this poor management that enable him to find a new lease of life as the run of luck he was having at the table enable him to get a modest pot of money and the title deed to the pub.

Waking the next day, Kram spent the next 2 weeks dressing down the joint, finding broken furniture from other hotels in the area, covering the walls and floor in red food dye mixed with flour and hanging old weapons, bought cheap from the local weaponsmiths and merchants. Since opening day, Kram has had a smile on his face that has not faltered, especially now that the rich and almost famous have decided that this is the latest hip joint

The rich
The elite
The workshop owners
The affable locals
Why did Kram decide on a theme of carnage and distruction? Is he quite mad?
How come with all the split drinks and scuffing by hundreds of shoes, the blood stains never fade?