Map Library #007

June 6, 2009

Been very busy lately what with playtesting 3 books, designing a boardgame and writing 2 supplements but here is something that has been drafted up this week. After the 4th Edition D&D sessions the group decided to try out the new Starblazer Adventures game from Cubicle7. I have to say that I think this is rapidly becoming my favourite game at the moment, mainly due to the great rule set that is derived from Fate. I’ll do a review in the not to distant future but for now here is a collaborative system map that was designed by the group this week.

Starblazer setting

Starblazer setting


10 Minute Dungeon – Photoshop Style

May 12, 2009

Using the tools and tricks that I have gleened from cartographers guild I thought I would try to make a quick dungeon in PS. Using the same style as with all of the overland maps I create, namely render clouds, defining shadows via multiplied layers and heavy use of blending options, this is what I came up with in 10 minutes. Not bad in my optinion and with much more time could be something pretty cool.

10 Minute dungeon

10 Minute dungeon

Photoshop Map Parchment

May 7, 2009

One of the more popular entries here on the blog has been the post in the map library for parchment paper that I was fooling around with some time ago. Well I have been continuing my investigations into how to create a good looking parchment paper since then and this is what I have come up with.

Butch Curry of has created a great set of tutorials covering how to do RPG maps in Photoshop and the first two lessons are on how to create the parchment effect that he uses. I first found these tutorials back when Butch first started releasing them but have only just managed to spend more time with them. These video tutorials seem to have ended now with the last one posted back in early 2008. However they are well worth watching as Butch leads the viewer step by step through his techniques to create some amazing cartographic artwork. he’s what I have come up with today, just following the first two lessons.

Tavern Map Comparison

May 5, 2009

Her are two maps that I was working on over the weekend, just to get a feel for how complex some of the issues are with mapping in Photoshop and with CC3.

Both are rough designs of a tavern with an outside stables and both were limited to only 60 minutes work. How did it go? Well the CC3 version is much more complete and has some nice effects overall, whereas the Photoshop map is no where near done. I did learn some new tricks with the Photoshop map and made use of some new patterns and brushes that I created in the same 60 minute period. Overall I think both look pretty good, but with more training I think that I could get a lot further with the Photoshop one within the 60 minutes.

Fun with Planets

April 14, 2009

Another post in the series of “Not only maps in Photoshop…”  This is just me messing around trying to get images for planets for my sci-fi games that Im preparing.  These 3 images took around an hour to build thanks to the many great filters in PS. This would be a lot harder without them.














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Mapping – An update

April 12, 2009

So the Map Library has been a little short this week, why? Because of CC3. Campaign Cartographer 3 was to be the main thrust of my next few maps on the site, but it seems that there is a little problem with CC3 and Vista. Everytime I try to use CC3 on a Vista machine it just crashes as soon as you touch it.

Now I know that Vista is not everyones cup of tea, and its got a pretty bad rep and is bloated beyond all compare….. however, after, what?, 2 or more years, Pro Fantasy still cannot get their flagship product working correctly on the latest version of Windows??!!??

On the plus side, the tech support were pretty helpful at Pro Fantasy, they are just unable to provide a fix at the moment and it all seems to have gone very quiet from their end.

Think i’ll stick to Photoshop from now on. Yeah, its a steep learning curve (but so is CC3), its overpowered for what I want to do (better than underpowered) and its a bit bloated, but at least it works and I can do anything with it.

Ok, rant over… more cool stuff tomorrow… promise!

Map Library #006a

April 1, 2009

Heres an updated version of the map I put up last week. I much happier with the overall result, thanks mainly to following some suggestions from the forum on Im still playing around with the trees, but the layer effects on the water and rocks looks much better I think.

Pryandon City - copy2

Pryandon City - copy2