Bravyet the city

March 23, 2009

Location : West-North-West coast of the Deltrib homeland
Year Founded : Founded Year 0 by Duke Yadav I (1479 years old).
Ruler : Bravyet City Council
Population / Demographics : 52,000 (99%+ Deltrib, >1% Others)
Government Type : Democratic council, voted in by the local populace every 5 years.
Languages : Deltib
City Colors : Yellow banner, Red chevron with horizontal bisected triangle in black
Natural Resources and Manufactured Goods : Trade goods, fish, shellfish, timber, grain
Allies : All members of the Deltib race
Enemies : Solace tribes who migrate across the ice flows to the north
Fortifications : Walled city
Tech Level : Late Middle Ages equivalent
Primary Religion : Predominant religions are that of the Mood Goddess and Sun God.
Other Religions : Others religions are permitted, but tend to have very small followings, such as the Plainar religions of the Wind Gods and Horse God
Climate : Sub-Temperate, Climate tends to be cold winters with mild summers
Terrain : Coastal to West, rivers to East, plains to South, forest to North.

Description :

Bravyet, the first city of the Deltib is a large, walled coastal hub of trade routes throughout the Deltib homeland. It has the most population, by quite a long way, of any settlement in the world. The inhabitants cover the vast spectrum of Deltib life ranging from rich to poor, old to young and conservative to progressive. This populace inhabits the many wards of the city that are quite heavily defined between the internal roads of the city, and bisected by the river that flows through the middle of the city.Bravyet holds one of the few Deltrib libraries within its city walls and also a university to try and progress the knowledge of its populace. Of course these are seldom used by any other than the scholars and possibly the rich so the common man and the merchant remain largely ignorant of its benefits. The person responsible for these institutions is the Bastion of Education for Bravyet, who answers to the Council.

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Bravyet Overview.

March 21, 2009
An outline from the design bible for Skyfell. Bravyet is the homeland for the Deltrib who are the closest to Humans on Skyfell.
Land of Bravyet – An Overview

Year Established: Circa -1200 AC.
Ruler: Bravyet City Council and other Landed owners.
Ruler’s Titles: Council member.
Capital: Bravyet.
Population: Approx 1,750,000.
Government Type: Democracy.
Government Stability: Stable.
Climate: Stable climate that ranges from a cold northern border to warmer, wind swept plains to the south.
Languages: Deltrib, Plainar.
Currency: Brav(Silver) and D’Brav(Gold).
Technology Level: Late Middle Ages equivalent.
Wealth: Comfortable for the majority of people with extremes at both ends of the scale being quite rare
Allies & Alliances: Minearch is a minor ally, but the Deltrib hope to build upon that relationship.
Enemies & Rivals: Solace.
Demographics: Deltib : 97% (High Deltirb 62%, Plainar Deltrib 38%); Others :3%
National Colors: Yellow horizontally bisected triangle
Natural Resources and Manufactured Goods: Lumber, Iron, Gold, Fish, Wheat, Horses, Ale, Sheep, Cattle, Shellfish, and Barley.
Primary Religion: Moon Goddess and Sun God / Four Gods of the Wind and Horse God.
Terrain: Vast plains to the south that are home to the Plainar and their horses, hills and mountains to the north with a much more structured lifestyle of the Deltrib and their towns and cities .
Flora & Fauna: Plants on the Deltrib continent vary from north to south and the rugged hills and eventual mountains of the far north give way to the wide open rolling plains of the south. In the north rugged plants and trees withstand the harsh winds and fridged winters, while the south is much more gentle in its climate changes and as such promotes a more varied range of trees and grasses that scatter the plains. Animals in both areas tend to be variations on each other, for example in the south the gidson is a plains walking herd creature that has a short light brown hide, in the north their exists the rigdodon, a mountain climbing herd creature much like the gidson but with a leaner frame and a shaggy long coat over its hide.

SkyFell – Overview

February 19, 2009

The world of Skyfell was a world of many different species existing on their own continents, happy with their lives and slowly evolving. That is until 8 months ago.

In the final months of the last year, 1478 by the Deltrib calander, the world was struck with a massive force by something falling from the sky into the largest ocean located between the four continents. The four dominent races of the world all saw and felt the impact and each has recorded the event in their own way. Many have seen this as the start of a new age for their prespective races, some see it as the beginning of the end, others say it is the return of other beings, gods or aliens..

All of these races ventured across the ocean now in search of what and how this event occured and as yet the people back in their homelands have yet to recieve concrete news of what has occured.

Some have been told of a new and wonderious place filled with gold, silver and gems, enough to buy half of the world.

Others have heard of a deadly place fit for no living creature, full of strange and hostile beings spawned from the fussion of the SkyFall and the depths of the ocean.

Most however have heard of the way in which a person changes while on the new landscape. The magical abilities that they suddenly manifest, the way in which they can feel the very elements seeping into their bones and fueling them with the abilities of Gods. Stories of massive abilities abound, throwing fire from bare hands, streams of lightning from the eyes, hurricanes brought fourth from the months of mere men and the forming of the minds eye into reality.

Know one knows which of these reports are true and which have been embelished, but one thing is certain, every one of the four races has been affected by the SkyFall. For good or bad is yet to be decided.


February 15, 2009

So as an easy place to start, what better way than with something I already wrote…. kinda takes the pressure off a bit  :¬)

In 2007, I found out about WoAdWriMo 2 days after it started. Despite the fact that it had already started I signed up and wrote an adventure, and I actually had fun doing it. If you dont know anything about WoAdWriMo then look it up, its a fun way to push yourself to actually get out there and do something, even if its something pretty small.

As I mentioned in my last post, I want to revisit the adventure I made and do something with it, probably move it to a different system as well. In the meantime check out 

My little piece is called Skyfell and is stated for D20 and probably best for 6 Level 1-3 PC’s