Character Library 015 – Game of Thrones D20

April 30, 2009

Back by popular demand, the Character Library is reborn with a new slant. As a lot of people, im a fan of the Song of Ice and Fire(SoIF) series by George R.R Martin. With this in mind and the release of the new RPG based upon the series I thought it would be fun to create a character in both the old RPG and the new RPG and compare them. Here is the character for the old system, Game of Thrones release by Guardians of the Order just before they went out of business. It was a real shame that they did as the game is quite promising. The only criticism i have of it is that they based it on the D20 system which I don’t think is a good fit for SoIF due to the nature of levels, feats, etc, etc. However they did make it work quite well and fair play to them it is a good quality product. So here is the first incarnation of Sir Oberon with a followup in the new system next week (hopefully).

Sir Oberon is a young noble of the House Martell, related to the current heir Princess Arianne as a distant cousin. In his formative years he spent much time in study and has shown himself to be a quick learner and a dedicated potential ruler. Everything he does is accompanied by a wry grin and his charismatic charm is infectious. Sir Oberon has already been earmarked for greatness by his teachers and now just needs to warrant their opinions with the nobles of House Martell. At least that way he might get a nice boost in influence and a quiet manor house in the country to rule over.

CL015 -Sir Oberon – Game of Thrones (D20) (PDF – 536Kb)