Character Library #001 – Star Trek

February 20, 2009

So a new post to start a new series – Character Library. Simple ideas work well for sparking off greater ones and a good way to get the creative juices flowing for any game is to create a character.

So here is the start of a series of characters for many games (the idea being 1 or more characters, each week for different systems).

We start with Deciphers Star Trek for no other reason than that was the book I was reading last night….
This particular character was generated via the Star Trek Character Builder 3.5 by Tuan Amith, well worth a download. (get it here CODA Star Trek RPG Support site) See after the mark for the character and a downloadable version of the character sheet (Using¬†Don Mappin’s editable sheet from the CODA site)¬†

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