Character Library #007 – WFRP

March 13, 2009

So to another entry in the character library, this time for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay by Fantasy Flight Games.

Trubert is a sorry sort. He started off as a bit of a runt on the fields of Nordland and never really got any further. As a weedy lad he was always getting in the way rather than helping around. He found himself spending more time in the forests and graslands than at home until he mistakenly killed a pig belonging to another farmer. How was he to know it had escaped from its pen? Well, instead of taking the heat Trubert ran off to stay in the woods, and he’s still there. Foraging a living and worried about anyone finding him and making him pay for his crime.

cl007 – Trubert – WFRP (PDF file – 1.2Mb)