February 15, 2009

So as an easy place to start, what better way than with something I already wrote…. kinda takes the pressure off a bit  :¬)

In 2007, I found out about WoAdWriMo 2 days after it started. Despite the fact that it had already started I signed up and wrote an adventure, and I actually had fun doing it. If you dont know anything about WoAdWriMo then look it up, its a fun way to push yourself to actually get out there and do something, even if its something pretty small.

As I mentioned in my last post, I want to revisit the adventure I made and do something with it, probably move it to a different system as well. In the meantime check out http://woadwrimo.blogspot.com/ 

My little piece is called Skyfell and is stated for D20 and probably best for 6 Level 1-3 PC’s